Confidential Advisor

My name is Linda Kampert and since June 2022 I am available as an confidential advisor for the Badmintonclub Elst. I am educated on human behavior and supporting people. I’m able to listen very well, with creativity in discovering possibilities. After consulting me the questioner usually leaves with renewed confidence and a clear view of a next practical step to take.

The BCE strongly feels that a socially safe environment to play sports is important to take care of. An environment free of sexual harassment, discrimination or bullying. It is expected of everybody to behave respectfully to one another. Sometimes, whether on purpose or by accident, someone shows non-respectful behavior. Or certain behavior of another person is bothering you for too long…

Do you feel socially unsafe in the BCE environment?

What can you do?

  1. Find a way to express yourself to the people directly involved in a situation of non-respectful behavior of any kind. In that way you can solve the tensions together.
  2. In some cases that’s not so easy, due to many possible causes. Or you tried the first step, but it didn’t work out.
    When you are a minor, please  talk to your parents about it and ask their support.
  3. And if for whatever reason the first two options are not working out or not enough, there’s a confidential advisor to contact.


What does a confidential advisor do?

  1. The confidential advisor is a personal sparring partner on the topics of disrespectful behavior and the worries or stress you hold over it.
  2. Of course you decide what to share and what not. It’s your decision also whether to take action or not.
    By sharing your experience freely you can clear your mind. And by doing so shed light on new options you couldn’t think of when only repeating it in your mind.
  3. The confidential advisor offers you a non-judgmental listening, supportive questions for a broader perspective and new options to consider.

The sooner after the incident, the better. The quicker, the easier. But regardless of the amount of time passing, in most cases choosing to talk to someone helps over not talking about it at all.

If you have questions, feel free to ask me on the evenings we play, or you can either call or email me:

Linda Kampert

06 10 40 35 67